I‘m Philipp Jeroma Designer & Art Director from Berlin and currently working as a Senior Product Designer at Europace. I focus on keeping things clean, functional, simple and elegant on all the apps, websites or visual identities which I design.

Oh, and by the way: I’m a big science-fiction fan.

Natively spoken language

Fluently spoken & written 

Beginner language skills 
Persian / Farsi

/ Solution oriented
/ Curious about new technologies
/ Self-challenging
/ Ability to work independently and in teams
/ Used to work within brand and design guidelines
/ Knowledge in HTML, CSS & JS
/ Able to work with tight deadlines
/ Strong at modular based design / atomic design


Jan. 2020 - present,

Senior Product Designer

/ digital product design
/ create prototypes
/ pitching new projects
/ present and communicate results
/ process development
/ project management

Sept. 2016 - Dec. 2019,

Lead Designer

/ lifting up the brand
/ giving design directions for other designers
/ pitching new projects
/ present and communicate results
/ prepare and hold workshops with clients
/ process development
/ project management
/ digital product design
/ coding website templates in HTML, CSS, JS & PHP

Sept. 2013 - Sept. 2016,

SinnerSchrader Swipe
Visual Designer

/ create wireframes
/ create ruff & fine concept documents
/ ui design
/ write styleguides and design specs
/ asset production
/ write storyboards
/ create customer journeys
/ produce prototypes and click-dummies
/ present and communicate results
/ prepare and hold workshops with clients
/ brainstorming

Nov. 2007 - Aug. 2013,

Art Director

/ create the corporate design
/ create design specs for technical implementation
/ concept and design of the ui from the white label solution product (web, mobile, rich client)
/ customize the products for clients
/ present and communicate results at clients
/ wireframing
/ create prototypes and click-dummies
/ create the corporate design manual of the company
/ create product brochures

Aug. 2006 - Sept. 2013,

Graphic & Webdesign

/ Create corporate design manuals
/ Concept and design of websites
/ Coding websites in HTML and CSS
/ Logo design
/ Design UX/UI for video games
/ Wireframing
/ Create prototypes and click-dummies
/ Create product brochures
/ Design cd artworks
/ Poster design
/ Video cutting
/ Video colour grading





Let's get in touch

If you got any questions, just give me a sign.

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